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"Hey Haku, are we almost there?" I sighed.
"Almost." Haku chimed as held my hand even tighter.
Somehow I'm kinda starting to regret this... well it's a lot better then seeing Hiroshi kun.  
"Hey Haku, what is it exactly that you want to show me?" I asked as I looked up at Haku's face.
He frowned for a moment, then let out a relieved sigh.
"I want to show you my original home..." He said as he looked on with a serious expression.
"Your original home?"
"Yes, but it's more then that." He sighed.
More then that? What could he mean?
I looked to the horizon and saw the bright sun of the spirit world. It was a bright and fearful red. I began to feel uneasy.
"Chihiro?" Haku said as he let go of my hand.
I've spent almost an entire day in the spirit world, there really is no going back at this point.
"Chihiro what's wrong?" Haku said as grabbed my arm.
Haku's touch made me jolt back into reality. My hands were shaking and my eyes began to blur with tears.
"Chihiro?" Haku said as he let go of my arm.
I hurried to wipe the tears off my face, but before I could even began, Haku pulled me into his embrace.
"Chihiro, I'm going to take you back to the other side." He whispered to me.
The other side? The human world?
I pushed away from Haku, turned around and began to run away.
"Chihiro!" I heard Haku yell.
I can't take it any more! I hate that I won't be returning to my world, but what I hate even more is the thought of seeing Hiroshi kun!
"Chihiro please come back!" Haku yelled again.
I didn't pay Haku any attention, I just need to get away. Away from him, Hiroshi, everyone!
"Chihiro!!!" Haku hollered.
I turned around at Haku's demand, but when I did so, I saw a soft light crawl under my feet.
I turned around to the direction of the light and in an instant my entire body was filled with fear.
As the lights got closer and closer, I felt that I was losing myself and at the moment that I came face to face with them, I was gone.
Can't breathe! Can't see! Can't move!
I'm drowning! I'm going to die!
"Chihiro, this way." A gentle voice whispered.
Which way? I can't see! I can't move!
"Chihiro, this way." The voice repeated.
Suddenly my eyes opened and the air flew back into me.
I looked around and saw that I was under water. I tried to swim, but I still couldn't move.
I can breathe, I can see but I can't move.
"Chihiro, this way." The voice from before repeated.
I can't move though!
"Chihiro, hurry! This way!" It said, this time sounding a bit frightened.
I can't!
"Please Chihiro, hurry! Hurry and wake up!" It yelled.
Wake up?
My body began to feel loose and in an instant it dropped.
I'm falling? Am I going to die?
"I don't want to die." I cried as I closed my eyes.
My eyes shot opened and my body stiffened up.
"Thank goodness." a voice sighed.
I turned my head and say Haku wrapped up in a blanket, sitting next to me.
"Where are we?" I asked as I tried to get up.
"Chihiro it's too soon for you to be moving about!" Haku said as he pushed me back into the futon.
I looked at him, a bit confused.
"You almost got hit by a train." He sighed as he pushed the blanket onto the ground.
"Is that so-" I was cut off when Haku stood up, without the blanket or his shirt...
"Yes, and you passed out immediately after I saved you." Haku said as he turned around.
Concern replaced embarrassment in an instant.
Scars, there everywhere! So many scars, so so many.
"Anyways you've been out for three days now, and I'm sure it'll take you a while to get your strength ba-"
Haku had turned around and noticed that I was staring at him.
"What's wrong? You're looking at me as if I'm a ghost." He said.
"Those scars?" I said as I noticed more scars on his torso.
Haku walked over towards me and sat down.
"You don't want to know about these scars, actually, I really don't want to tell you about these scars." Haku whispered then kissed me gently on the cheek.
"Rest, tomorrow I'll take you to my old home." He said as he got up and walked out.
I sank back into the futon and closed my eyes.
So many scars, where could he have gotten them from?
Maybe he'll tell me later, I thought as I drifted back to sleep.
Part 3 of my Spirited Away fan fiction.

My god Chihiro, why u no want a hug from Haku :iconwhyyounoplz:

Any who, I think I had too much fun with this chapter, way way too much fun with this chapter.

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Noooooooo! Poor Haku! I lol'd/almost cried when Chihiro was about to get hit by the train. I was like "Ooh shiiieeeet son!" But I honestly wasn't expecting that. I loved this chapter anyhow, though. So well done! Keep updating!
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RaenaX Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Professional General Artist
Alright, thank you for critique, I'll keep that in mind for the next chapter ^^
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